GUM Magazine Visualization

For her bachelors project, Ann-Louis created a fashion magazine called GUM. I had the idea to create a 3D visualization of the magazine to showcase it at the Kölner Design Preis awards.

When we talked about what in the magazine to showcase, it was clear that it could not be decided on the spot. As I like to build modular systems, I offered to create a magazine preset in which you can fully control what or how many page gets folded over. You can easily swap out the pages and use it for multiple magazines.

I set the whole thing up in After Effects and scripted a page turn controller. You can choose to which site you want to fold and how much curvature the site has while being folded. These controls are then split up in multiple variations to have flexibility in the look of the animation. 

After that was done, I started to normal workflow of 3D camera and light work in After Effects. Besides about 200 crashes while rendering, the whole setup was pretty straight forward and fun to work with. 

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