Simone Giertz Spec Intro

Simone Giertz is a Swedish maker and inventor, showcasing her work on YouTube. She has crazy smart ideas and builds them in a fun and entertaining way. I made an Intro in her style, as a tribute for her cool projects.

Makers and inventors have an urge to create. Being a creative in general fits into the same category. I played a lot with Fischertechnik construction kits as a child. I’ve always liked to build stuff, wire some parts together to create an RC car or a simple calculator. 

Simone does that to this day. The is considered the queen of shitty robots and rightfully deserves that title. All of her projects start with a stupid and fun idea and spiral into a mixture of madness and genius. “The idea” as the core of the whole creation is the basis for my intro design. Combine that with an unexpected outcome and you’ve roughly outlined her workflow.

Check out the video where she cuts her Tesla in half and built it into a pickup truck:

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