Velocity Field Advection RnD

Point or particle advection in Houdini is a bottomless pit. Some time ago I went down that rabbit hole, without knowing what would hit me. Not much yet, as I not really understand what I am doing at this point. But it is a process!

As said above, this is more of an aimless RnD. I want to improve my knowledge of Houdinis simulation toolset (which is huge) and ways to create abstract art with it. 

This simulation is based on a tutorial by Insydium, the creators of X-Particles. As I don’t own a copy of X-Particles, I tried to follow along with Houdini. A lot of detours into Odforce an Tokerus CG-Wiki later, I rather robust setup was created.

At the core sits a pyro simulation, which fields get transferred over the advect points from. The velocity direction of the advected points if then cleaned and repurposed as the normal direction of points on a grid. Lastly, you can instance small rods or hair on the points and make them move along their normal direction. Right now it looks rather chaotic which I kind of like, but I will work on getting more control over the movement.

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