This project was realized in collaboration with Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH. This was realized with the initial connection through a special type of pitching pool, where the school connects clients to students and alumni’s.


The client approached us with the following sentence:

The aim is to create fluid processes between software developers and testers and to break down silo mentality.

They also showed us whiteboard drawings of an idea they developed during a creative workshop.

We realized that it all comes down to this mentality:

Your work is too precious to be thrown around.

It’s about working hand in hand and respecting the others workflow and restrictions. It was a lot of fun making this film, having the clay animation style as a soft and welcoming way to explain complex IT topics felt very fitting for us. Being fans of Wallace & Gromit we can surely say that was one of our biggest inspirations.

Visual research started with a style frame that was prompt engineered with Stable Diffusion.

We chose soft and friendly colours that are based on Bosch corporate colours:

There is a lot I want to talk about regarding the making of this film. We are currently still collecting BTS captures and planning on making some tutorials. What will be added to this documentation once I find the time:

  • How the stop motion clay look was achieved, up to the fingerprints.
  • How the two silos merged & all the small details.
  • How we set up the project to work with multiple DCCs at the same time.
  • How those puffy clouds were made.
  • How we threw the software.

Short Film