Flume makes great music. I wanted to make an animated music cover for a song, that was stuck in my head for weeks on end.

This project came along rather straight forward. I head a huge earworm of this song and I wanted to make an album cover because I liked it that much.

At the time I was rather new to Redshift and I wanted to experiment around with what can be done. Everything you see was created “in camera” in Cinema4D. Even the grain and the distortion effect.

The grain was rather straight forward in creation. I played around with sample settings and sample overrides and it resulted in a very art directable “grain machine”.

The glitch effect was created using DoF in Redshift. When you play around with the CoC and the aspect ratio of the bokeh, strange things happen. Once you push them beyond the logical limit a normal camera could achieve, you start to get rather interesting results.