Thank you for being interested in how I think.

First of all. This website is about everything I’ve ever done. This means it is at the same time a portfolio and a project on it’s own. If you want to know more about the website just click the link above.

Why all this?

I think a lot about what it means to be creative. Hell, I even made a whole short film about it called An Original Title (WT).

Jokes aside. For me creativity is about inventing. As a child I always wanted to be an inventor. My favourite character was Gyro Gearloose from the Mickey Mouse Comics (Lustiges Taschenbuch in German).

I don’t want to get all philosophical with this, but I really dislike the secrecy that some designers and artists pedal on a daily basis. I really like the community based approach of the computer science world, hence this website being very over sharing (sorry for that).

Also I kind of dislike the approach of only showing your best work. As you’ve never failed once or created something that you, now looking back at it, would classify as bad. Therefore I want to share everything I’ve ever done. No matter how bad it is. It’s about the process and development for me. Improving and learning.

What really inspired me

As a generalist by heart I don’t know where my place is or will be. I struggled with that for many years. After discovering Motion Makes a Masochist by Dev I kind of felt understood and seen. If you are unsure where you belong in this design/tech world, maybe this is for you. It doesn’t help, it mainly rubs salt in the wounds - but still. It feels better knowing we’re trying together.

Same goes for Understated by STATE. You might see a few similarities to my project How to make a (unfinished) Showreel. This is by design, as I’ve watched their work for months while studying at Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. I don’t care if it feels like I copied them. Credit where credit is due - their work is crazy inspiring.

I hope some of this speaks to you

If not - thank you for still reading that far!

If you’re still on the fence: TAO, An Original Title (WT) or something of the Chronologically Sorted Things might do it for you?