So you might say

”This looks more like a blog than a fancy design portfolio.”

Yes I know.

That’s on purpose. The way my brain works, I wanted to talk about how and why things are made and I won’t focus that much on how they look in the end. Therefore I wanted to build a website that also functions as a hub for my learnings and studies. As I’ve learned almost everything I know in this industry by searching the internet and learning from others, I wanted to contribute. So if you’ve found something helpful let me know!

I’m no fan of making multiple websites for specific things, therefore everything is neatly crammed into this one. If you get lost, you can always use the Graph View or the Intro to move around. Check out the search function. It searches everything on this website. Just like a documentation.

But why exactly?

This might be my last portfolio website, we will see. My general idea came from the concept of a “Wunderkammer” (literal translation: wonder-room), where you can find many different things as part of a huge collection. As I consider myself a generalist, I try around with different things quite often and can’t really specialize on one field.

Therefore my logical conclusion was to document everything I’ve ever done. I want to start with my first steps in Microsoft Paint on my Dads Windows 95, up until today, where I (currently) work as a 3d artist focusing on real-time, interactive and high-end computer generated content.

I really like the catalogue book from Intermediatheque. I want to do something like this, but as a website. If you ever meet me in person, tell me to show you this book. It’s really cool!

If you want to know more about the philosophy behind this all, check out my train of thought.

How does this work?

This website is powered by Obsidian and Quartz. I can highly recommend checking these tools out.

Obsidian is a note taking app, that I use for my life in general. Quartz basically enables my notes to go online and gives me the possibility to customize everything. Nowadays there are Notion, Roam and many more. I stick to Obsidian as it feels very open and community driven. If the service ends, I’ll still have my .md files which I can use just fine. I’m no fan of proprietary file formats.

If you want to read more about that, you can check out my blog post over at oddlyspecific. If you want to get startet with Quartz, you can also check out their Discord Community!