Original Idea: Leon Monschauer
Totally Lost Voice: Hannah Gries

Concept and Motion Design:
Leon Monschauer
Max Alber
Jan Eisenbach
Tatjana Theuer

Co Writer: Jan Oprach
Sound Design: Moritz Melber
Music: Adrian Schug
Crisis Support: Lotte Liebe
Production: Leon Monschauer
Typekit: Tatjana Theuer


Screening at ITFS:

Motion Award by Motionographer Winner:


The fear of the blank, white sheet of paper arises from a well-known problem. A certain fear of not being able to see anything interesting or simply not discovering anything valuable. Maybe it was the last creative and good idea? Maybe one is simply not made for it after all? Creativity is something fundamentally great, but if you challenge it, the confrontation can take a lot of strength.

The film is about quietly listening to the struggle. The chaos in the person’s mind is embodied in an abstract world told on the basis of patterns and noise.

Pattern and noise are identical from a biological perspective. Noise is always present and organisms interpret it to then find patterns that are recognizable to them. The subjective approach and the realization that creativity is identical was very purposeful for the project. With that, the plan was developed to focus on “finding in the chaos” from a visual, aesthetic, and thematic standpoint.

The art and style have been shaped by the team’s insights and personal influences. All the departements focused on the feeling of “being there in the head” and therefore help to visualize the process.

Beyond the film, working on a meta-level was also a challenge of the process. Thus, the work was very open and the creative process was constantly questioned. If you want to learn in depth about how the team tackled these problems, you can take a look at the links below!

Here is the printed book version of the documentation (in German).

You can even take a look at the Miro Board, where we basically created to concept from scratch and executed the film.


Some Stills