• Timo Kreitz
  • Charlotte Lieb
  • Marco Wagner
  • Leon Monschauer
  • Chris Ose


  • Patrick Kuhn Botelho


  • Moritz Melber


This project was part of the Motion Design study course at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH.


The Empfang der Filmhochschulen is an event for young filmmakers at the beginning of their careers. In other words, young people, innovative minds who are highly motivated. It is not a traditional trade fair, which is why the event’s visuals should also be eye-catching and young and stand out from other traditional events and trade fairs. It should be young, rebellious and loud. It’s not about light fare and pleasant evening entertainment. It’s about a visual punch in the face! Whether funny or serious, the main thing is that it doesn’t blend in.

Basically, different styles and impressions are combined. Things that don’t really belong together are thrown into each other to achieve a stark, unusual and and above all different result. The concept is based on the intro of “Enter the Void” . This means that different typographies and colours are used, which are animated in quick succession, creating a dynamic of its own.

This versatility is taken up again in the print. A wild combination of colours and patterns ensures a varied landscape of print and moving image content. In order to give the overall picture a certain structure at the information level, the respective categories are given recognizable features. Some categories are glitchy and others are more fluid in their movements. Each category is also given a symbol and a main colour, but the general variety of elements does not become one-sided.


Szenischer Kurzfilm




Szenischer Langfilm

Catalogue / Handout