• schawa media GmbH


  • Moritz Schulz


  • Leon Monschauer


  • Florian Kurz


  • Renate Visintin


The content of this project was created for a German speaking audience. Therefore every film will be in German!


I am neither an engineer nor a physicist. Therefore I want to quote Amprion to get the facts straight!

Ultranet – that’s the name of the new DC link between North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. This 340-kilometre-long line can transmit some 2,000 megawatts of electricity. We at Amprion are planning and will build Ultranet in cooperation with our partner TransnetBW. And we are putting our trust in what is an innovative technology: the first time, we will be transmitting direct and alternating current – both with a voltage of 380 kilovolts – over the same pylons. By using existing routes to do so, we are increasing the capacity of our network in an efficient and also resource-friendly way.


My task was to animate and simulate all the 3d worlds and the motion design aka typography. It was very interesting as we aimed to create as physically accurate as possible explanations. Therefore I wrote some code setups which simulates the interaction between particles and their mutual repulsion or generated volume fields that are similar to magnetic fields of power poles etc.


What is the new Direct Current Connection about and why is it needed?

How are Electric and Magnetic Fields generated?

What does Science say?

What are Ions and do they have an Effect on Human Health?

Can Direct and Alternating Fields amplify each other?