Through the annual redesign of the Motion Design Branding, the class can remain at the pulse of the design world and the newly created works of the students can be showcased.

Within the framework of the branding workshop, the Motion Design course is redesigned every year. This serves to show the new works of the students, to visually update the course of studies to the latest state of the design world and to keep the appearance fresh.

During the workshop, students take on various tasks and in addition to the showreel, create a website, a booklet, merchandise and the social media presence for the study course.

In our concept the Film Academy and the Motion Design course is considered as a sports team. Similar to the Olympic team of a country, every athlete has strengths, weaknesses and own interests. The directing course differs from the camera course in terms of content. But there are also many different personalities in the study courses. Some of them work more analogue others prefer digital. In the same way everyone has different cultural and social backgrounds and different motives and interests.

The thoughts paired with the sporty, cheeky and agile appearance of sports teams have provided the perfect basis to create a dynamic, bright design. Typografie is always on the move, quickly from one place of the picture to another and the colours are challenging and competitive. In the still image, the echo effect of the Typografie makes it seem to be moving even though it is actually standing still. This is also how the initially immobile medium print looks sporty and agile. In the social media area, the concept can also be used for announcements and clips. All in all, the concept makes the course young, bright and dynamic, just like the people who study it.