The awesome Map u/tfoust10 drew with 3 lines. Simulated as it gets pulled apart like yarn.

I downloaded the map as a .jpg image and used Houdini to convert the image into 3D geometry. I then simulated the lines as a hair simulation and gave them rope/yarn like properties.

Fun Facts:

Based on this links size estimation, I calcualted the length of the lines if they were laid down in real life.

Take it with a grain of salt, it’s not really an exact calculation lol

The length of all the lines combined is:

Miles: 109074.3 // Kilometers: 175537.7

Main Area:

Miles: 102146.6 // Kilometers: 164338.6


Miles: 6099.01 // Kilometers: 9815.38


Miles 828.705 // Kilometers: 1333.67