Music & Sound: Leon Eckard
Robot Arm Model: Simon Greive
Rest: Leon Monschauer


The movie is currently submitted to various festivals. Therefore I can only provide stills for now. You can message me if you are interested in viewing the film!


This experimental short film follows in the footsteps of Escher’s work and explores its interpretation in today’s world. While Escher’s work is based on analog techniques, today the means are expanded by a multitude.

Nearly 100 years later, it is not uncommon to use computers to generate images and entire works of art using only a mouse and keyboard. With the challenge of translating Escher’s thoughts and working methods into the digital medium, a deep examination of why he fascinates so many generations as an artist emerges.

Escher’s penchant for mathematical, meticulous work has been used as a model to build a systemically functional world reminiscent of a diorama.

Some Stills